Generations at Play…and at Work

This exciting program, offered by Ewald Consulting, opens the door to “generation education,” while playing games from the ’50s until now. Generations at Play is a fun and educational way to better understand your generational issues in the workplace. From work styles to communications, this issue continues to challenge how we work.

Generations at Play offers real life solutions and steps that you can implement in your office, corporation, organization, or association. Packages are available for your choosing. Visit the Rates page for event details.

Some expected entertainment includes: Atari 2600™, Nintendo Wii™, Sorry!™, Yahtzee™, Twister™, Trivial Pursuit™, Pictionary™, Scattergories™, and Cranium™. We will also have generational information for fun and work. PLUS, enjoy background music that spans the generations – from the Queen of Soul to the King of Pop.

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